John Busch, Owner/Master Artisan

Simplicity of form is never a poverty; it is a great virtue. 
– Jan Tschichold

Grew up in Colorado as the son of a potter and a structural engineer.

Great-grandson of a caster/pattern maker.

At 18, performed the violin at Carnegie Hall.

Began building furniture for friends – and friends of friends.

Renovated some houses. Designed and built a few from scratch.

Married Sarah and had two sons, Jack and Wyatt.

Is missing some fingertips.

Thinks deeply, believes sincerely, and follows his bliss.


John's road to becoming a millworker happened unintentionally, and he is – as are most of his team – entirely self-taught. He grew up dismantling and rebuilding toys and car engines between his violin lessons, ski runs, and philosophy books. And after considering careers in marine science and residential construction, has been creating authentic and relevant architectural millwork and fine custom furniture for the past 20 years.

Influenced by generations of craftsmen who came before, John's uncompromising precision and simplicity of form are what define his work. Infused with a sense of purpose and integrity, and a relentless search for enlightenment, he approaches his craft with a reverential joy.